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Just,  Melvin

"Just, Melvin" Photo Diary
|| Sundance 2000 || Other Film Festivals ||

Sundance 2000 Photo Diary

The "Sundance Channel" asked a few of the filmmakers at Sundance 2000 to snap some shots of their festival experience for a segment called "Snapshot Diaries." Below are a few of the photos submitted by director, James Ronald Whitney.

Legend for Sundance 2000 Photo Diary

image/_p01.jpg, 2.1K
Photo 1
750 x 500
image/_p03.jpg, 2.1K
Photo 2
750 x 500
image/_p04.jpg, 2.6K
Photo 3
750 x 500
image/_p05.jpg, 1.3K
Photo 4
750 x 500
image/_p06.jpg, 1.8K
Photo 5
749 x 500
image/_p07.jpg, 1.8K
Photo 6
750 x 500
image/_p08.jpg, 2.4K
Photo 7
749 x 500
image/_p09.jpg, 2.2K
Photo 8
750 x 500
image/_p10.jpg, 2.1K
Photo 9
750 x 500
image/_p11.jpg, 1.5K
Photo 10
750 x 500
image/_p12.jpg, 2.5K
Photo 11
750 x 500
image/_p13.jpg, 2.6K
Photo 12
750 x 500
image/_p14.jpg, 2.2K
Photo 13
750 x 500
image/_p15.jpg, 2.1K
Photo 14
750 x 500
image/_p16.jpg, 2.1K
Photo 15
500 x 750
image/_p17.jpg, 2.2K
Photo 16
500 x 750
image/_p18.jpg, 2.5K
Photo 17
500 x 750
image/_2p06.jpg, 1.8K
Photo 18
785 x 518
image/_2p07.jpg, 2.4K
Photo 19
518 x 785
image/_2p08.jpg, 1.8K
Photo 20
518 x 785

Other Film Festivals Photo Diary

Legend for Other Film Festivals Photo Diary

image/_2p01.jpg, 2.5K
Photo A1

518 x 721
image/_2p02.jpg, 2.5K
Photo A2

518 x 720
image/_2p03.jpg, 2.3K
Photo A3

518 x 720
image/_2p05.jpg, 1.5K
Photo A4

518 x 720
image/_2p04.jpg, 1.6K
Photo A5

518 x 720

Legend for Sundance 2000 Photo Diary

Photo Description
1 Whitney and his mother Ann at the Sundance Premiere, flanked by "Just, Melvin" posters.
2 Whitney in front of his Sundance rental condo preparing to walk the actual tightrope above his head. For an interior shot of the "condo camp" living room, see photo #15.
3 Whitney's and Argovitz's "Just, Melvin" original music soundtrack outsells Elton John at Tower Records.
4 Whitney's toe after a week of non-stop walking...press interviews, screenings and wild parties.
5 "Not sure about the violence part, but we certainly qualify for a film containing graphic sexual content," said Whitney when asked about the warning at the Sundance box office.
6 Whitney's mother, Ann, happy she missed the mogul on her right.
7 Always an eye on the financial markets, Whitney's "work away from work" satellite office at his hotel room.
8 After screening "Just, Melvin," Roger Ebert takes a quote from Whitney and his mother, Ann, later touting the film as "...one of the best docs of the year."
9 The only available piano Whitney could find at Sundance was in the corridor of his hotel, where he first began composing the score for his next film (working title "Love, Sharon"). As I began to play, the red "no vacancy" sign suddenly read "vacant," he later admitted.
10 Whitney and his ex-wife, Sally Dewhurst, in perfect Sundance cellular form...no doubt calling each other.
11 Whitney's best friend, Julie Cooper, and co-producer of Whitney's next film (working title "Love, Sharon") in a CVS store acting stupid as she waits for some pics to be developed. But she was not alone (see photo #13).
12 Whitney's mother, Ann, joins Julie's "pharmaceutical photo shoot." See photo #12.
13 After being asked by an audience member after a matinee screening if they could still do those dance routines, Whitney and his ex-wife, Sally Dewhurst, (see photo #11), re-enact one of the dance sequence from "Just, Melvin," where they are champions on Ed McMahon's "Star Search."
14 Three of Whitney's closest friends...Karliin Mann (not quite as "Proud and Perky" as in pic #2), Debbie Matenopoulos (formerly of abc's "The View") and Julie Cooper (see her in perfect form in pic #12)...wake up in the condo they share with Whitney after a typical night of Sundance craziness. "Do not tell them that this snapshot is on this site or I'm dead," Whitney requested of the "Sundance Channel."
15 Whitney, pointing to the Sundance-stenciled reel from the projection booth, "I wanted to hang this on the wall of my loft, but the projectionist said it was the property of Robert Redford and could not be sold. Bet I find it on ebay next year."
16 Whitney's mini-fridge, after being secretly stocked by Cooper (see photos #12 and #15). "All his faves...Pringles, dark beer, Diet Coke and Twizzlers. The Cool Whip is hidden in the back, but trust me, it's there, too...He has incredible taste, but absolutely no taste buds," Julie quipped.
17 Julie (see photos #12 and #15), Carlin (see photos #2 and #15) and Ann (see photos #1 and #7) taking inventory on the "Just, Melvin" merchandise...the spring line of jackets, coats, baseball caps and fisherman caps, as well as posters (see photo #1) and original motion picture soundtrack CD's (see photo #4).
18 From left to right, actor Steven Flynn, co-executive-producers Richard Reichgut and Whitney with ex-wife Sally Dewhurst after the Sundance premiere.
19 Seated from left to right, Web Site guru Michael Reichgut, co-executive-producers Richard Reichgut and Whitney with his ex-wife Sally Dewhurst, his Wall Street partners Sandra Nemitz and Rakesh Khilnani, his mother Ann, his co-producer Sarah Taggart, and his right arm--abc's Julie Cooper.
20 John and Sarah Taggart, Whitney's friends and co-producers. John Taggart is also the cinematographer for "Just, Melvin."

Legend for Other Film Festivals Photo Diary

Photo Description
A1 The Newport Beach Film Festival 2000 press room volunteers try out the "Just, Melvin" fisherman caps after the movie won the "Best Documentary Award."
A2 A South Beach Film Festival 2000 crowd waits for the screening of "Just, Melvin" which won the "Best Documentary Award."
A3 Whitney and his mother Ann stand in front of Austin's State Theatre before the award's ceremony at the South by Southwest Film Festival 2000.
A4 Michael Moore awards Whitney the runner-up "Best Documentary Award" and a surprise cash gift at the South by Southwest Film Festival 2000.
A5 Jimmy Smits awards Whitney the "Best Documentary Award" at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2000.

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